Helpful Tips for Writing a Winning Paper

It is always so exciting to make some scientific researches and come to some unexpected findings. Scientific papers reveal that amazing process. Is it your first scientific paper? What to start with?

Preparation. First of all, you should think over what you want to reveal in your scientific paper. Then you should consider what experiment should be held to prove your scientific theory. Read some background knowledge which can be useful for your research.

Experiment. You should think over all methods you are going to implement during your experiment. It is very important for your scientific paper to note every result obtained during the experiment. Even if some findings do not coincide with your theory, you should mention them in your scientific paper.

Introduction. When you have the necessary data, you may start writing your scientific paper. The introduction part should start with the background knowledge on the paper and your research relevance. Then state your theory and expected results of your research.

Methods. In this part of your scientific paper you should depict all methods and techniques used for obtaining data. You should also explain why you use particular methods. The readers should be sure that your methods are relevant for the research.

Results. This is the most informative and illustrative part of scientific papers. Here you depict you the results, do not evaluate them at this stage. It is also the part where you should include tables and figures.

Discussion. Finally, in this section of your scientific paper you should evaluate the results obtained during the experiment. Consider whether you got the results you expected. Here you should also state the relevance of your findings for the overall study of the issue.

Abstract. It is also a must of you to write an abstract for your scientific paper. In this part, which is placed in the very beginning of your work, you should summarize briefly the whole paper.

Of course, you should not forget to include the proper bibliography into your work. Thus, your scientific paper is ready for submission.